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Are you a mole catcher?

The internet has revolutionised the way people find services. The days of the big yellow book are long gone.
However, not everyone is capable or interested in building a website which is both functional and easy to use.
Mole Catcher UK can help you.
We are offering mole catchers a way to reach your customers in a well presented and easy way. We are confident that it will work for you and your customers alike. We are giving you the chance to advertise within 20 postcode areas of your choice.
New: We have changed the way Mole Catcher UK works. We used to limit each area to one mole catcher, but have been inundated with requests from mole catchers who want to join but their area was already taken by someone else. So due to popular demand we now allow multiple mole catchers to take the same area and let the customer have the choice of who they use.

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Association of Professional Mole Catchers

Map of our registered Mole Catchers.
Each marker on the map represents an area where one of our mole catchers cover.

Mole Catcher UK - Mole Catcher Services

Getting rid of moles in your lawn, paddock or fields need no longer pose a problem. Mole catcher UK will put you in touch with a specialist mole catcher, or moleman as they are otherwise known, working in your area.

Welcome to Mole Catcher UK, please take a moment to read through our information pages on moles, the different control methods mole catchers use and our opinions on the various mole deterrents you could already be wasting money on.

To keep their prices as reasonable as possible time restraints and travelling costs mean most mole catchers try to work a set 'territory', but in spite of this are not always easy to find. Mole Catcher UK has been designed to put YOU the customer in direct contact with your local mole catching specialist who will help you get rid of moles.

Our simple to use website will put you in touch quickly - simply type the first part of your postcode into the box on the left and we will provide you with details of your local mole catcher.
Or you can select your county from the drop down list and we will provide you with a list of mole catchers working in that county.

Get rid of moles

Mole control services UK, get rid of moles

If you have found your way here, you will already be aware of the destruction moles can create, the mess they leave behind them and just how frustrating it can be to get rid of moles

There are various "quick fix" solutions commercially available on the market ranging from sonic repellents to humming windmills to smoke bombs. But do they really work? The simple answer to this is no. If any of these "quick fix" solutions worked, the traditional mole catcher would be extinct. But the moleman remains with us, busier than ever still catching moles using traditional trapping techniques. If you have a mole digging up your lawn or devestating your borders, the best piece of advice you will be given is this: Don't waste your money on deterrents that will not solve your problem. Hire a mole catcher!

How do mole catchers catch moles?

Professional mole catchers use two basic techniques to catch or remove moles. The first and preferred method is trapping. Modern mole traps are vastly superior to their 18th and 19th century ancestors, are more efficient and most importantly more "humane". Wherever possible, most mole catchers will use this method to catch offending moles.

Sometimes circumstances dictate that traps cannot be used. For instance in areas of busy pedestrian access or on in-use playing fields, cricket pitches or bowling green's traps present a tripping hazard or prevent play. In such situations toxic gas pellets are inserted into the mole runs, the substances which these tablets are made from are highly toxic and only available to certificated operatives whom have undertaken the required specialist training to handle such materials. Not all mole catchers are approved to carry out this work.

Mole Traps

Mole catching by specialist rural tradesmen using traditional wooden, then metal spring type mole traps has been going on for centuries. Traps have evolved over the years and will continue to do so. Today's mole traps are vastly superior to those used a century ago. Modern materials, manufacturing processes and improved designs have all helped to produce the current range of mole traps available. The 'standard' mole trap (scissor type) available from many country stores will catch moles if used properly, but professional mole catchers go for more specialist type traps designed for varying ground conditions. The latest trap we have trialed and found excellent is the "Talpa mole trap" available from Magnum Trap Co. But above all remember - it is not the trap that catches the mole, it is the skill and experience of the person setting it. A good moleman can catch with any trap.

Mole repellents

We are often asked "do mole repellents work?" Over the years there have been various weird and wonderful contraptions marketed claiming to prevent moles from digging up your lawn, so called mole repellents. Commercially they range from the many and varied sonic mole repellers to vibrating mole windmills. On an 'old wives tale', or should that be 'old countrymans tale', basis, remedies go from mothballs or even ferret droppings put in their runs, to burying wine bottles up to their neck around the mole hills so that the wind sounding over their necks sets up a discouraging sound. Then there are those who suggest pouring diesel, petrol or creosote into the mole runs only to find their precious grass burnt off by the chemicals involved. One local moleman has a customer who ignited petrol in mole runs near his greenhouses and set fire to the staging ! The mole probably thought it most amusing. Our trade has seen a plethora of mole repellents tried and the general conclusion is - NONE of them really work.

There is only one guaranteed way of removing a mole from your lawn... this involves the use of a humane killing trap.

Humane ways of removing moles

Forget the sentimental human side of nature for one moment and ask yourself "what is humane?" A humane death for a pest is without a doubt the best solution for everyone concerned, none of us want the mole to suffer and the modern specialist traps we use are more than powerful enough to ensure a quick, painless end.

If killing a mole is not an option for you, Mole Catcher UK is not the answer to your problem and we recommend going back to Google and searching amongst the sonic mole repellents and 'alternative' technology for inspiration. If you surf this path we wish you luck in your battle with the mole. Should you discover a guaranteed effective solution that actually works without harming our little friend please do let us know. However, if you consider an instant death without suffering is a good way to solve your mole problem, then you have come to the right place.

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