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Exploring the Effectiveness of Mole Repellents and Sonic Deterrents

Sonic Mole Repeller

Do Mole Repellents Really Work?

The answer to this conundrum is that, at some point, they must have or their use would not have persisted. Just maybe, however, they were used on a day when a disheartened mole decided to move on to greener pastures anyway. Who knows?

But what we can say is, in our experience of being called out to many, many sites over many, many years and observing many, many esoteric mole repellents and mole deterrents... they certainly have not worked on the sites we've been called to.

Over the years we guess we've seen most traditional remedies tried, and some not so traditional ones too. We have seen the 'let's put something nasty down there' approach using creosote, Jeyes Fluid and a host of other bleaches and disinfectants, mothballs, diesel, ferret faeces, etc. etc.

We have seen the 'let's give them a tsunami' approach where a garden hose is stuffed down the tunnel and left to run and flood out the tunnels. We have seen the 'let's hit them with modern technology' approach where the space-age 'break-through' sonic mole repellers or even ultrasonic mole repellers and solar mole repellers are installed at great expense.

What a strange looking device!

Traditional and Unconventional Remedies

Mole trapping

We have seen the 'Fred says this works' esoteric remedies like pretty child's windmills pushed into the ground around the garden perimeter

Throughout our experiences, we've encountered an array of esoteric remedies for dealing with moles, ranging from the whimsical tactic of placing childlike windmills delicately around the garden perimeter to the unconventional technique of burying wine bottles up to their necks in the ground.

Despite the inventiveness of these strange and wonderful solutions, they all pale in comparison to the audacious "let's give them hell" approach, where petrol is poured into the mole run and ignited. Unfortunately, the daring individuals attempting this fiery method often find themselves with singed eyebrows as a consequence.

Surprisingly, despite these myriad attempts, the one constant is that, inevitably, professional molecatchers like us are called upon to rectify the situation. To safeguard your eyebrows and address the mole issue effectively, we strongly recommend utilizing our postcode finder and reaching out to your local mole catcher.